Faith Lutheran Church, Murphys CA
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Faith Lutheran Church welcomes all who wish to worship God 
and discover God’s love in Christ Jesus. 

We believe… 
    God is gracious and desires a close relationship with all people. 

We know… 
    God showed the greatest love when Jesus died on the cross. 
    In Jesus’ death, resurrection and ascension we are given new life. 
    We are free from destructive behaviors and fear 
    to love, worship and follow Jesus.  

We follow… 
    Jesus’ way of life honoring all and lifting up the oppressed.  

We rely… 
    on the Holy Scripture for our teaching and living. We live by faith 
    in what God has done in Jesus and how the Holy Spirit continues 
    to be present in our lives.  

We celebrate… 
    Holy Communion each Sunday for the resurrected Christ to live in us, 
    giving us strength for the week.  

Please accept our hospitality offered in the name of Jesus.  

Church History
Worshippers started meeting in homes in the mid 1960’s and in 1967 at the IOOF Hall. The congregation was chartered also in 1967 and incorporated in 1968. The congregation was served by Pastor V. Billdt. After struggling with numbers and finances the Faith Lutheran congregation took a leap of faith, borrowed money and bought the Mitchler house and property. They remodeled the house which was then used as the worship center under the leadership of Pastor J. Schaumburg.  
During Pastor H. Banks tenure church bulletins were produced by the volunteer secretary Pat Frick and the Mitchler House was refurbished. Pastor Banks also began serving the Mt. Ranch congregation. Support from the Synod ended during this time, and the congregation became self-supporting. 
The present sanctuary was built in 1988. Pastor T. Feaser and the council led the congregation through this building program. The property was paid off and the mortgage burned during this time.  
The Faith Lutheran Child Care Center was started under Pastor M. Mortvedt leadership. During the Old Gulch Fire in 1992 the church became an outpost for the community. The 25th anniversary was celebrated and contemporary worship services were started by Susan Winans and Brad Peterson.  
During Pastor M. Anderson’s tenure the congregation started involvement in community activities such as Boy and Girl Scouts, Habitat for Humanity and the Food Pantry. Ecumenical Lenten services were held.  
Pastor E. Yochheim started a second worship service consisting of Bible Study and Communion and small group studies in homes. In the 39th year of ministry, 2007, Elsie Teale wrote a detailed history of the congregation for this special celebration. She updated the history in 2015. (This is a summary)
Pastor D. Merritt, the part time pastor at the Mt. Ranch church also became the part time pastor of Faith in 2005. He wrote the grant that funded the Senior Center as part of Faith’s outreach program. The Senior Center opened in June of 2009. With another grant the Senior Center Thrift Store was opened in 2013. Faith Lutheran Church houses the local Food Pantry operated by the Senior Center.  
Faith welcomed Pastor Karen Johnson in 2016, as part time pastor shared with Mtn. Ranch Lutheran Church.  

January 2017

The Rev. Karen W. Johnson, Pastor
Rob Westerhoff, Congregation President

Mike White, Facilities Manager