Faith Lutheran Church, Murphys CA
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We welcome all visitors and if you don't have a church home, Welcome Home!

The church is located at 65 Mitchler St. in Murphys, CA, across Highway 4 from the Sierra Hills Market.

Faith Lutheran Church is a congregation of the ELCA.
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Worshiping God
Sharing our faith in Jesus Christ
Serving our community
Sunday Worship Services
 have returned to online

​Service is posted to Facebook on Sunday by Noon

Contact us (above) to get the direct link sent to you on Sunday by 8:00 AM. 

Virtual Holy Communion
 second Sunday of the month

  Coming Up...
Check out our Facebook page to find
our past worship services on YouTube:

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Bible study on break 

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Contact us (above) to receive the 
links to all of our worship services

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Epiphany Blessings

Epiphany (January 6) and the time after is the season when Jesus is revealed as the light to the nations and the beloved Son of God.  
In baptism, we are called beloved by God, empowered with the Holy Spirit, and sent to shine with the light of Christ.

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 Congregational Meeting
Sunday, January 31
by Zoom

The Murphys Senior Center is closed 
for now for everyone's safety and health during the pandemic